Where to Buy Qalo Rings : Top 5 Places

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Qalo rings is a best choice?, For many engaged and married people, there are plenty of excitement surrounding choosing the perfect a wedding ring to be with her and band for him. But if the couple lives an active lifestyle, it’s tough to choose when to leave the ring on and when you ought to remove it and steer clear of damaging (or losing) your ring.

Take, as an illustration, workout classes. I’m newly engaged, every time I go to do 1 hour of high-intensity interval training. It feels somewhat weird to suddenly have absolutely nothing on my small finger when I hit the gym. I’m proud to use my ring on a daily basis and wanted to try to still wear a band of some type while working out.


QALO is surely an American jewelry company headquartered in Santa Ana, California. It primarily produces wedding and commitment rings created from silicone instead of traditional metal. QALO is an acronym, for “Quality Athletics Love Outdoors.

That’s when I came across Qalo, a brand recognized for its active lifestyle rings. These rings are created from just what the brand calls “functional silicone,” so they fit comfortably. They come in an entire range of colors, with styles for both men and women.

Made From

This ring makes out of 100% medical grade from silicone. Silicone is created from silicon dioxide, or silica, which is found in nature in quartz or beach sand. Silicone is at anything from aerospace products to household goods. Silicone is extremely durable, water-resistant, fireproof, as well as mildew-resistant.

At the conclusion for the day! whether you’re married or otherwise not.  Qalo’s active bands are a fantastic choice for the active person who would like to accessorize. They’re affordable and, due to the many styles and colors, there’s no doubt you’ll pick one up (or even more) you want, no matter what activity.

To get you started, listed here is a sample in our favorite styles in the brand, all available on :

  1. Qalo.com Official Website
  2. Amazone
  3. Instagram Account
  4.  Dickssportinggoods.com 
  5.  Roguefitness.com


The first thing I did with my QALO rings was work out inside. I used every item of equipment I had to view how this ring would support in doing my workout, including slapping a variety of chalk onto it. To my surprise, the chalk didn’t bunch up near the ring, whereas which has a regular wedding ring once your hands start to sweat, the chalk gets stuck in a few areas

Instagram : @qalo

My traditional strap a tendency to pinch my ring finger whenever I would do any movement with a barbell, kettlebell, or possibly a pullup bar. With the QALO ring, there was no pinching in any respect, just comfort throughout my workout. It gave the impression to meld with my finger.

Why Qalo Rings

Because it is made from silicone, the ring is basically waterproof and the water beads off the ring. If you are an adventure racer or swimmer, you’ll love this quality inside the ring. I also wanted to determine if it would come with an odor if I left against each other and didn’t dry the ring. And I was happily surprised that no nasty odor emanated from your ring itself.

I do advise that you adopt over ring to air your own ring finger simply because they can fit somewhat snug, but in relation to the ring, there is no odor in any way.

It helps maintain your traditional rings in one location and lowers your likelihood of losing them inside your purse or gym bag. It also has a clip in order to clip it to only about anything.

For people who find themselves married or engaged, it might or may well not matter for you if you’re taking off your ring while doing exercises. Qalo ring is a great strategy to express love. And resolve for one other through the toughest of athletic or work situations. This ring also gives those who operate in certain jobs, the ability to wear a wedding ring when traditional rings can’t be worn. This also is the better advantage of the QALO ring.