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Looking for Cash Wedding Registry No Fee – You Must Read this

Looking for cash wedding registry no fee?, you can start an online fundraiser, or do something like calculate ora percentage of the budget what are you need for your wedding. first and foremost, you need to develop a budget that is reasonable to accommodate everything you will need for the wedding.

Here is just a small list of the services and items that you will definitely need to have and therefore need to be budgeted into the wedding plans. It is best to determine your overall budget, and then work in the smaller details to determine what is the most important and therefore receive the highest percentage of the budget.

  1. Wedding Venue
    The location of the wedding is important, but it does not have to be too fancy. There have been numerous outdoor and backyard weddings that are just as breathtaking, if not more, than the most expensive wedding venues. Wherever you plan to have your wedding, make sure to make this part of your budget, and then plan based on the budget, but keep in mind, the location is a good place to save.
  2. Reception Venue 
    This is another place you can save some money by being a little creative. If there is a place you and your sweetheart frequent, maybe they would help you by hosting the reception for you (at least the location part). Maybe a friend or family member will be happy to let you have it at their house.
  3. Who will perform the ceremony
    You will need someone licensed to sign the marriage certificate, and to perform the ceremony. This can be a minister, Justice of the Peace, or other licensed official. But this will cost a reasonable amount, and will need to be part of your budget.
  4. Food and Drink
    If you really want to save, you can supply your own food and drinks for the wedding, but keep in mind that doing so can cause some additional stress. Decide if that is worth it to you to save here, or to have it catered. Depending on the time of day, you may be able to reduce food costs by providing an appetizer type arrangement.
  5. Flowers
    You will need at the minimum a bouquet for the Bride. From that point, you can determine the extent of additional flowers. Check with your local florist or local grocery superstore for the best pricing.
  6. Wedding Favors
    It is considered good etiquette to give wedding favors to all the guests. Don’t go overboard here, and make sure you have extras. You don’t want anyone left out if you are going to give wedding favors out. These can be as simple as confetti and bubble blowers for the guests. Here is a good place for some creativity, and to even enlist the help from friends and family making the favors.
  7. Invitations – Whether you are going to a printing company or doing it yourself, make sure you allocate money for the invitations as well as envelopes and postage.


This is just the beginning of the list, and as you plan your wedding you will soon realize all the different items you will need. SO now how will you pay for this? One of the newest ways to get help with paying for your wedding is a wedding registry.

It is traditional to register with a couple of stores and select a few items that your guests can gift to you. With a wedding registry, you instead register your wedding and or honeymoon so your guests can gift towards your wedding. There are several websites that are set up for this so guests can use a bank account or even a credit or debit card for your wedding donations. Some charge a percentage for this service, but there is one that is free and it goes straight to your own account.