How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards
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Wedding thank you cards are indeed a good form of etiquette to send after your wedding day. A wedding is a big occasion and one that many people will have a hand in. Many tasks often require help from those you trust or have hired to do the job.

When all has been done, it is customary to send an expression of thanks to those who have been helpful to you in some form or another. Some examples of people you can send these cards to are the bridal party, groomsmen, officiant, flowers, or caterer.

Sensitive matter

Sending wedding thank you cards is a sensitive matter. That needs planning with well thought out procedures to avoid mistakes that may reflect badly on you. Proper manners must be followed to make the guests or participants feel appreciated for their giving and for their efforts. The first rule in wedding thank you card etiquette is to strive to send them as soon as the wedding is over, or gifts have arrived, or any other action that needs appreciation.

Make some fun

Writing hundreds of thank you notes can be overwhelming when added to all of the arrangements that already have to be made, so why not make some fun out of it? Instead of dreading the time of writing for hours. Make a date night out of it and have a candle lit dinner with just the two of you. Then sitting down and writing them together won’t seem as long and tedious, and at the same time will give you a way to spend some quality time together. If this doesn’t work for you and some additional help is needed, you can always ask for help from in-laws or other close associates.

How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards in Simple Ways

There is really no set list and cards should be sent to those that you feel you want to send a quick note of thanks to. It’s appropriate and always received graciously by the recipient. You can either purchase premade cards or you can make them yourself through the use of templates. Now there are advantages to doing one or the other.

The basic aim of the wedding thank you card is to praise the guests, and not break the wedding thank you cards etiquette by beginning your message with words that mention you first, i.e., ‘we, I or me’. Always start the messages with ‘you’, referring to the guest. Also, it is disheartening to characterize or generalized some people as a group. Even if a certain group came from the same company or family try to write each of them individual cards.

Very personal

Remember that a thank you card doesn’t have to be long or anything fancy. All it needs to entail is a thank you and a personal note about how you cherish the gift you received. It is often a good idea to write down who gave what when you are opening gifts so that the note can be a little more personal and specific. It also gives you something more to say to individuals you might not be quite acquainted with yet.

Unique Write Wedding Thank You Cards
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The premade cards require you to hand write each one as it may not be very easy to setup your computer printer to do so without some effort. The templates are really the best solution because you can print them whenever you need a thank you card. Whether it’s for a wedding or some other occasion.

Unique and honorable

The people who came to your wedding honored your special day with their presence. So saying thank you in a unique and honorable way should be your first priority. Poor quality material and other aspects of the card will have a negative effect on the recipient.

Therefore, it is very important that the material, design, layout and decoration of the wedding thank you cards. Pay heed to wedding thank you cards etiquette, for it represents a token of your deep felt appreciation and because of it. You will surely be remembered for many years.

How to Create Wedding Thank You Cards ?

You can also run them through your printer and write a generic note inside. Then hand sign them for a personal touch. If you have a lot of thank yous to do, this will be a wonderful solution to writer’s cramp! Templates are also very versatile and you can even add a photo inside the card!

Whether your cards are homemade, bought, or specially ordered; sending out thank you cards after a wedding or reception is always tactful and appreciated. Even if you know the guest will turn around and throw the card in the waste basket. You and they know you took the effort to acknowledge them for their generous gift and for coming to your wedding.