Guastavino’s Venues – Wedding New York

New York City’s premier event space is definitely an architectural masterpiece. Available for banquets, weddings, cocktail receptions, and corporate events!

Guastavino’s Venues a New York City landmark is a hidden gem located under the famous Queensboro Bridge, boasting a Catalan vaulted ceiling tiled by the world famous architect Rafael Guastavino in 1909. High ceilings and soaring arches evoke an overwhelming sense of grandeur, while the tiled columns ensure a warm and intimate atmosphere. An elegant mixture of old-world charm and contemporary design ensure that Guastavino’s New York event space never feels like formal ballroom or banquet hall. Following recent renovations, we have dedicated this architectural jewel for weddings ranging in size from 200 to 400 guests. ~


Email:[email protected].
Address:409 East 59th Street (between First and York Avenues) New York, NY

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