Beer Kegs Near You – Tips for Choosing

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If you’re undecided about if they should choose bottles or kegs, this post is good for you. As is that one. Both posts  delve to the debate of if they should serve bottles or beer kegs near you on your wedding party bar. I have thoughts about both, but this post is focused on the case to the bottle. It’s an ode for the bottle. (And with that, I just wrote Toby Keith’s next song title.)

Most men hope that their reception isn’t only a keg party. Their eyes sparkle in the sight of keg stand plus they imagine about camaraderie round the keg stand and how people gather across the stand like they actually do at campfires.

Nobody wants to use up all your the liquor ahead of the party ends; however, over-ordering also doesn’t go well as it might cause wastage of greenbacks that may have been used in your honeymoon fund. Therefore, it is important that the amount of kegs in a wedding will do.

Cost of Bottled Beer at a Wedding

The cost of bottled beer is normally likely to be higher. Because, you’re paying for your packaging- bottle, cap, label, box. The exceptions are if you plan to possess a really intimate wedding. Where a good small keg would create waste or you’re really looking to give you a wide range.

In US a keg can be a ½ barrel, meaning in case a barrel contains 31 gallons of beer. Then one keg will contain 15 ½ gallons or 1,984 ounces of beer. A smaller size keg referred to as pony keg (equivalent to ¼ barrel) carries a capacity of 7.5 gallons or 960 ounces of beer.


In the above cases buying by the bottle lets you make selections by multiples of 6 or 12 as an alternative to 55 ( the keg size we typically recommend for Weddings.) Buy by the case at the warehouse store and you may help counterbalance the cost further, nonetheless it will limit your flavors. Buy direct from your brewery whenever possible for a larger variety at the fair price.

If we mention serving beer in cups having a capacity of 12 ounces, then 1 keg will fill 165 cups while a pony keg may fill only 80 cups.

While serving alcohol with a reception, it is really a principle that all guest may drink a minimum of 2 drinks in the first hour of party the other drink for each additional hour. You can do the math and determine the result!

A large amount of factors see, how much beer you’ll undergo at the event. Including period, temperature, menu, formality with the event, and where your bridal party attended college.

Jokes aside, it varies considerably, but a good estimate is always that 20% with the drinks consumed. At the wedding will be beers or ciders (if you’re also serving Cocktails)! and 35% will if you’re only serving beer and wine. For smaller events, 20% from the total won’t be a lots of drinks. And a good smaller keg gives you a lots of wasted leftovers, so bottles will probably be the correct choice.

Instagram : @ursa_minor_brewing

You can certainly estimate how much food, desserts and other edibles as outlined by your guest list. But when you are looking for alcohol, it is not easy to determine the proper quantity. That will probably be sufficient enough to satisfy every single guests’ needs.

At your party there will probably be some guests who won’t drink alcohol in any way while many will consume more than the great number.


Variety availability and practicality

If offering your invited guests a wide variety of beer choices is vital for you, it’s quicker achieved when serving bottles and cans. You can provide a big range without overdoing the number of servings. However, I recommend sticking to 3-5 various beer and ciders maximum.

The initial thing to take into consideration is the thing that are you considering serving at the bar? If you are going to experience a full bar at your reception, then the ratio should be like 1/3 of beer, 1/3 of liquor and 1/3 of wine together with champagne for your toast.

As a professional event bartender. I’ve learned that a tightly curated menu. That may please all guests without having a lots of waste/ leftovers or hemming and hawing from indecisive folks.  When they get for the front of the line and they are greeted by a giant, restaurant sized listing of options. But, if that’s look, go for that bottle.

Venue Management

It is a good idea to question the venue management about! how exactly much beer should we’ve got or the amount of kegs in a wedding that is going to be enough. Given that they have hosted a great deal of weddings and so they definitely know better.

Another thing to take into account is what varieties come canned/bottled vs kegged, particularly when it comes to seasonal, small-run, and out of state brews. Maybe your selected microbrewery doesn’t bottle their beer yet, and you genuinely wish to drink their stuff your wedding.

However, we are going to declare that it is essential while ordering kegs of beer is ‘consideration of drinking habits of your invited guests.  If you hired a rookie bartender or possibly a regular human posing as bartender for the day, please buy bottles.

It’s really hard to screw up opening and pouring a beer bottle and it’s super easy to mess up drafting. Additionally, in case your wedding is in a very hard to arrive at spot like a mountain top otherwise you