Plastic Cups With Names on Them – You Should Know

Plastic Cups With Names on them
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Plastic cups with names on them  are a great convenience. They are usually very portable and disposable.

 Made From?

They are made from a polymer material that is flexible yet sturdy, Used in situations where using glass ware is not possible. They sometimes have thermal abilities to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It is a container which holds drinks.

Some are only appropriate for holding cool or cold beverages because they will melt under the heat of hot beverages. They are not that durable and are only meant to be used one time. They cannot be used in the microwave to heat liquids because they will melt and plastic cups cannot usually tolerate the heat associated with the dishwasher, they will melt in that environment as well.

When Are They Used?

They are generally used for social gatherings where there are many people or few people but using glassware is impractical. The impractical use of glassware may be relative to the location of the gathering, like at the beach or other outdoor venue or the sheer number of attendees at the gathering may make using glassware not a sensible option. They are also used by some night clubs that get very crowded to prevent glass from being dropped and breaking.

Styles Plastic Cups With Names on them

They come in a variety of styles. Specifically there are some of different colors and different sizes. Essentially they are all shaped the same there are some that are geared toward holding alcoholic beverages and shaped like cups that hold alcoholic beverages. They sometimes will have motifs on them of cartoon characters and other types of designs.

Environmental Issues

They have larger replaced paper cups which was the first disposable option for cups. They have environmental indications as do the paper cups. There is no clear difference between the two options. Both are recyclable yet both end up in the landfills.

Plastic cups with names on them are a great disposable option for parties and other gatherings where using glassware is just not practical they are relatively inexpensive around a few cents each when bought in packs of twenty or more. They do wind up in the landfills and the recyclable life of them is not that long but they can be recycled.