Looking 10 Free Wedding Venues Columbus Ohio ?

People, since their childhood days have a desire to make their wedding the most cherished day of their lives. These apprehensions are set to them through reading a book where an elaborate marriage is taking place, or even in a movie where the couple is looking like moons and taking wedding vows amongst blessing and appreciation from the gathering.

Of course, all of us want our marriage to be an even of repute. But, sadly only few of them are lucky enough to get the same.

Getting something free is very difficult, maybe if you are famous and have influence, you can get a wedding place for free by paying with something else. for example writing reviews, social media promotion.

but we will still recommend a wedding venue that might have a special offer, so your wedding day is going very well. Let’s see 10 for free wedding venues columbus ohio.


1. Cheers Chalet

Central Ohio Event & Catering Venue

Instagram : @cheerschalet
Email         :
Website     : cheerschalet.com


2. Page Price

Working sheep farm, event venue and flower farm now booking for 2019. Click the link to see upcoming special events and workshops!

Instagram : @theruralsociety
Email         :
Website     : www.theruralsocietyatwarwickfarm.com/workshops-events


3. Westin Great Southern Columbus

Instagram : @thewestincolumbus
Email         :
Website     : www.workouttogiveback.com/?EM=VTY_WI_CHARITYMILES


4. The Club at Corazon

Our beautiful and romantic atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Call us at 614-504-5250 or email at [email protected]

Instagram : @theclubatcorazonweddings
Email         : [email protected]
Website     : www.clubatcorazon.com


5. High Line Car House

Exclusive Venue of @twocaterers | Event Space in Downtown Columbus

Instagram : @highlinecarhouse
Email         :
Website     : www.highlinecarhouse.com

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