How to Make Wedding Bouquets with Orchid flowers

How to Make Wedding Bouquets with Orchid flowers
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Orchid wedding bouquets will add class and beauty to any bride’s corsage. Unfortunately they can be quite costly if you get them custom made. However there is an alternative which will save you money and allow you to choose the exact arrangement you want. You can make your own.

There are many different styles of wedding bouquets, but one of the most popular is the orchid basket wedding bouquet. It looks stylish and adds class to your entourage. Plus it is easy to hold. You can actually make one in 7 easy steps. Here is how you do it.

  1. Choose orchids

    First choose orchids that will match your wedding trousseau. This is not hard as there are many different types and colors of these beautiful flowers. Then put them in water so that they will not wilt and will stay fresh. You can get them at any florist.

  2. Select a container

    Select a container that you can use as a basket. Make sure this is made of a light material like paper-mache. Make sure the size is appropriate for a bouquet. You can use different shapes but round, square or oval are often the most practical. Next take some fronds of Equisetum, be sure they are long enough to cover your container.

  3. Choose Basket Color

    This will add a nice green color to your basket and make it more natural. The fronds, will make a nice decorative look to your basket, it will also make it stronger. Cover the container completely with the fronds. You can use a hot glue gun to stick them to the receptacle.

  4. Reinforce your basket

    Reinforce your basket with wired vines by wrapping them around the Equisetum and again using your hot glue gun to make them stick. This will enhance the decoration and make a strong basket for your bouquet.

  5. Make a handle

    Make a handle from the wire vines for the basket. Remember to leave enough room for your orchids and a little extra for holding the basket bouquet.

  6. Glue some floral

    Glue some floral foam inside the basket. It should be big enough to fit inside the basket. This will hold your flowers firm.

  7. Aquapics

    Take some aquapics and fill each one with water. Put an orchid into each of them and put some floral glue on the base of the aquapic. Then put it into the floral foam. You may want to arrange them before you glue them. To be sure, they will look the way you want before you make them permanent.

You can get the above items at a crafts store or sometimes at a nursery. Many nurseries have crafts supplies and will certainly have Equisetum.