25 Great Pictures of Wedding Rings on Fingers

You are looking for a wedding ring that you are dreaming of ?, before going to the ring shop, it would be nice to look for references about pictures of a ring that you will use on your and your partner’s fingers. Here are 25 great pictures of wedding rings on fingers that we found, a charming wedding ring that will be an inspiration before you buy a ring.

Wedding Rings & Promise Rings

Wedding rings are a great way show the love for that special someone. They look beyond the typical chocolates and say, “I love you, let me prove it to you”. With a promise ring you make a promise to be with that person. These rings, as is there name, made for making a special promise.

The promise can mean many different things. If it is between the one that you love then it is usually a promise to stay faithful to one another. That you two will not date others or be with any other person. These rings are a material representation of a promise to always be with each other.



If, however, these rings are given to other people then they can mean other things entirely. For example, if they are given from a mother to a son then it can be more of a purity ring. Purity rings differ greatly from promise rings. In this case a purity ring would be a vow to remain sexually pure before marriage. This means that you will refrain from sexual intercourse before marriage.

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